Fleetway – February Special – Brake Components

February Parts Special

This month’s parts special is on Brake components.  We’re offering Brake Drums, Brake Shoes and Kits.  We’re also offering Seals, Bearings, Hub Caps and Hub Cap Gaskets.  If you don’t see the part number you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll help find it for you.  We are an Aurora and Stoughton dealer as well as several other suppliers who help us to get you what you want.

Heavy Duty Brake Drums

03-123207-002          $85.00/ea

Brake Drum 03-123207-002

Brake Shoes

4707-Q-EC23          $19.79/ea

Brake Shoe 4707-Q-EC23

Brake Shoe Kits

PROWB047          $6.53/ea

Brake Shoe Kit PROWB047


CR46300          $24.35

CR42627          $24.35

CR47692          $31.50

Seals CR46300


182.HM212049          $10.97/ea

182.HM212011           $6.67/ea

182.HM218248          $12.90/ea

182.HM218210          $6.99/ea

182.HM518410          $9.34/ea

182.HM518445          $15.92/ea

Bearing HM212049

Cone HM212011

Hub Caps and Hub Cap Gaskets

180.10630          $18.89/ea

330-3118            $1.98/ea

IMXGT-4009     $8.99/ea

APT-3067           $.82/ea

Hub Cap 180.10630

Hub Cap IMXGT-4009

Hub Cap Gasket APT-3067


Offer good through Februar 28, 2018 while supplies last!