New Year New Special

New Year New Special

January Special – Gladhands, Gladhand Rubbers, Air Hoses, Airline Coils and Power Cords

New year new special.  Come check out Fleetway’s January special on gladhands, gladhand rubbers, air hose assemblies, airline coils and power cords.  We have a variety of gladhands and many other parts so come check it out.  If these items aren’t what you need then give us a call and see if we have what you need.  We have so many other parts to offer so give us a call.  781-395-9494 or


179.1001          $3.89

179.1002          $3.89

New year service gladhand New year emergency gladhand

Air Hose Assemblies

177.73818          $8.47

177.73824          $9.05

177.73830          $9.61

177.73836          $10.19

177.73842          $10.75

177.73848          $11.33

177.73854          $12.70

177.73860          $13.53

177.73872          $14.27

New year air hose assembly

Gladhand Rubbers

10024P          $.42

New year gladhand rubber

Airline Coil Sets

PROAL1512S          $33.58

New year airline coils

Power Cords

179.3010.15i          $34.81

New year power cord

Hose Repair Kits

TRA31402          $4.18

New year hose repair kits

Offer good through January 31, 2019