Fleetway’s November Specials

Fleetway’s November Specials on Winter Chemicals & TIMEN Bearings

Come and check out Fleetway’s November Specials on Winter Chemicals and TIMKEN Bearings.  Fleetway offers all the winter chemicals you need to keep your trucks running.  In addition we also are offering a select few part numbers of TIMKEN bearings on special.  Great prices for a top quality product!  Come check it out!  Call or visit our website at 781-395-9494 or www.fleetwayparts.com.

Chemicals – Min Qty Buy 12

Fleetway's November Specials Air Brake Antifreeze

PNR5632   Air Brake Antifreeze    $4.32/ea

Fleetway's November Specials Starting Fluid

PNR5301   Starting Fluid    $2.50/ea

Fleetway's November Specials Diesel Supplement Antigel

PWS1025   Diesel Supplement Anti-gel    $7.42/ea

Fleetway's November Specials Diesel 9-1-1

PWS8025   Diesel 9-1-1    $7.27/ea

TIMKEN Bearings

HM212011   Bearing Cup    $13.50/ea

HM212049   Bearing Cone    $23.99/ea

HM218210   Bearing Cup    $19.99/ea

HM218248   Bearing Cone    $36.50/ea

Fleetway's November Specials TIMKEN Bearings