Fleetway’s New Special for April

Fleetway’s New Special for April

You need to check our Fleetway’s new special for April!  Fleetway is offering popular brake chambers and slack adjusters at unbelievable prices!  See below for the specifics.  As the weather continues to warm up the maintenance shops continue to work on brake jobs and many of those jobs will include replacing brake chambers and slack adjusters.  So come on by, give us a call or check out our website and order you brake chambers and slack adjusters now.  If you need any other heavy duty parts we’ll be glad to help you out with those items as well.


Brake Chambers

3030S Brake Chamber special

179.SB3030S  –  $38.50


3030SL Brake Chamber special

179.SB3030SL  –  $44.50


Slack Adjusters

PROSA56141 Slack Adjuster

PROSA56141  –  $64.10


PROSA56144 Slack Adjuster

PROSA56144  –  $63.05


PROSA56211 Slack Adjuster

PROSA56211  –  $64.10


PROSA56212 Slack Adjuster

PROSA56212  –  $63.05


Offer is good through April 30, 2018 while supplies last!  Don’t wait!