Fleetway’s New May Special – Airbags

Fleetway’s New May Special – Airbags

Now that the nice weather is upon us we wanted to create something special, so check out Fleetway’s new May special – Airbags.  For the month of May Fleetway if offering up several of the more popular airbags for trucks and trailers at incredible prices!  See below for the details on the specific airbags that are on special.  Keep in mind that we offer many more airbags than what’s on special.  So if you need an airbag that’s not on special give us a call and we’ll be able to help you out.  And if airbags are not what you need, let us know what truck or trailer parts you do need because we offer so much more than just airbags.  Call now at 781-395-9494 or submit an inquiry to info@fleetwayparts.com.



9781 Airbags



9069 Airbags



9375 Airbags



8050 Airbags



8713 Airbags