Fleetway’s March Special

Fleetway’s March Special

Come check out Fleetway’s March Special on Seal-Gap, Aluminum Foil Tape and Sealant Adhesive.  As everyone tries to recover from these winter months repairing roofs will be necessary.  We have the necessary items to assist with correcting the roof issues that resulted from the past few months.  Just because it’s not on special doesn’t mean we don’t have it.  We have many other items that you may need so give us a call or stop by and we’ll help you with all your truck and trailer parts needs.  We can be reached at 781-395-9494 or www.fleetwayparts.com.

Offer good through March 31, 2019 while supplies last.


March Special Seal-Gap

MASAH-55          $47.76/ea

Aluminum Foil Tape

March Special TAP2-1

TAP2-1     4″X33.5′     $20.68/ea

March Special TAP2-3

TAP2-3     6″X33.5′     $33.23/ea

Sealant Adhesive

March Special MASVIT1987

MASVIT1987          $8.68/ea min buy 6

March Special MAN65A

MAN65A-ALUMINUM     $5.61/ea min buy 10

MAN65A-WHITE               $5.61/ea min buy 10