Fleetway’s June Special – Shock Absorbers

Fleetway’s June Special on Shock Absorbers

Come and check out Fleetway’s June special on Pro-Par shock absorbers.  With Pro-Par, you know you’ll receive an OEM quality product.  Pro-Par shocks offer a 1-5/8″ bore design and are sized for heavy duty applications.  Pro-Par shocks’ super-finished, chromed piston rods reduce seal wear and leaks and their durable corrosion resistance extends shock life.  The 10 stage all coil valve system provides fatigue resistance for a full range ride control.  In addition, Pro-Par’s best in class hydraulic stop provides great force absorption.

Pro-par logo for Shock Absorbers

PROSH85000 Shock Absorbers

Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

85 Series 1-5/8″ Bore Design

Part Number                 Price

PROSH85000                 $38.51

PROSH85006                 $45.88

PROSH85014                  $46.97

PROSH85029                 $49.50

PROSH85030                 $48.81

PROSH85045                 $36.41

PROSH85052                 $36.57

PROSH85938                 $48.42

83 Series 1-3/8″ Bore Design

Part Number                Price

PROSH83125                 $36.28

PROSH83128                 $32.61

PROSH83130                 $33.45


Offer good through June 30, 2018 while supplies last.