Fleetway Offerings – Kinedyne Products

Fleetway Heavy Duty Parts offers Kinedyne products.

Kinedyne is a leader in cargo control products and Fleetway is proud to be a distributor for their top quality items such as:

Flatbed products:  winch straps, winches, utility straps

Chain products:  different size chain assemblies with grab hooks, chain binders

Interior trailer products:  logistic straps, logistic track, load beams, other interior accessories

And so much more…

Kinedyne has set the standard in the cargo control industry because their products meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. Their manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China help them improve the service and value they provide to their customers. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, their goal is to use their in-house capabilities to ensure they can control everything that goes into a Kinedyne product, from the raw material through to the finished product.