Fleetway Offerings – Pro-Par Brake Parts

Fleetway Offers Pro-Par Brake Parts

Safety is key.  When you are replacing brake parts on a trailer in your shop, you don’t want to have to worry about the quality of the parts.  With Pro-Par brake parts, you don’t have to worry.

Each cam head is forged for precision sizing and strength and induction hardened for long life and durability.

Precision machining assures correct journal diameter and head/shaft concentricity.

Shaft splines are machine rolled and induction hardened for added strength and durability.

Pro-Par offers a wide variety of quality brake parts:


repair kits

bushing kits

camshaft brackets

camshaft bushings

camshaft seals

camshaft washers

hardware kits

slack adjusters and more!

Camshaft Brake Parts


Camshaft bracket brake parts

Camshaft bracket

Hardware kit brake parts

Hardware Kit


Slack Adjuster

Slack Adjuster