Fleetway Offering – Landing Gear

Fleetway Offers Landing Gear Parts

At Fleetway we offer a variety of landing gear parts.  We offer legs, sand shoes, sand shoe axles, cross shafts and crank handles.  Below are just some examples of what we stock.  So call us for your landing gear needs and any other heavy duty parts you’re looking for at 781-395-9494.  Remember, if we don’t have it in stock we’ll do our best to get it as fast as possible.  At Fleetway, we understand the importance of keeping your trucks up and running!

Landing gear - Gear Leg Landing gear - Cross Shaft Landing gear - Non-gear Leg

        Gear Leg                                      Cross Shaft                               Non-gear Leg

Landing gear - Crank Handle

                         Crank Handle

Landing gear - Sand shoe Landing gear - Sand shoe axle Landing gear - Cushion foot

     Sand Shoe                                                           Sand Shoe Axle                                                 Cushion Foot