Fleetway Offering High Solids Paint

Fleetway Offering High Solids Paint

Fleetway offering high solids paint is an offering that many people may not realize that Fleetway offers, but they do.  This is a superior industrial spray paint formulated for maintenance operations where maximum performance is required.  This high solids paint does not run or sag, and gives twice the coverage of conventional spray paints.  Can be applied to bare metal and resists oil, gas, heat and sunlight.

It comes in high gloss black and high gloss white.  In addition it comes in dark gray, light gray, aluminum and red.

This paint protects against corrosive chemicals.  It resists abrasion and heat.  It’s a one coat coverage paint.  It contains lead free enamel.  It’s sag resistant and they come in 16 ounce cans.

One of our suppliers that provide us with this paint to offer our customers is https://www.stoughtontrailers.com/parts.

High Solids Paint Gloss Black High Solids Paint Gloss White